2023 CSA Girls Travel teams

The purpose of the CSA Association ("CSA") Travel Program is to identify and develop soccer players aged 8 - 19 years old, who demonstrate the self motivation, enthusiasm, and the potential to play soccer at an advanced level. Emphasis shall be placed on developing players in a way that promotes fundamental soccer skill development, character development, teamwork and good sportsmanship. The CSA will also promote training and development for volunteers interested in coaching soccer at an advanced level.

G2015 Tsunami Eric Nagle 585-230-5338 Alena Lukomskiy
G2014 Dynamite David Johnson 585-233-0862 Katie Banta
G2013 Lightning Ryan Egan | bio 585-329-2140 Amy Wood
G2012 Fire Kasey Phillips 585-752-7954 Kaitlin Burgstrom
G2012 Express Gregory Hotaling 585-703-7279 Sandy Turner
G2011 CSA Elite G2011 Jonathan Payne | bio 585-259-8918 Jen Paolucci
G2010 CSA Elite G2010 Melissa DeBadts 585-507-8116 Linda Scarlato
G2009 United Nicole Brahm 585-683-0838 Jenny Seaburg
Lorie Perez
G2008 CSA Elite G2008 Jonathan Payne | bio 585-259-8918 Kelly Sudol
G2007 Strikers Derrick Goettel | bio 585-704-2552 Beth Letters
G2006 Herricanes Jess Lepore | bio 585-857-2110 Jim Lepore
G2005 Fusion Tom Curyto | bio 585-410-8007 Amy Wood
G2004 Peppers Erin Noll 585-415-7085‬ Maria Dembeyiotis